Liar – Liar – your pants are on fire …

Ukrainian official appears to cast doubt on quid pro quo claim

How much proof do the fools need before they admit, that AGAIN they made a horrible mistake in the quest to topple PDT??

I made mention of this yesterday that Nan never looked at the transcript before she initiated impeachment proceeding. Now if that does not tell us something about her incompetence, nothing does.

This is what we used to call a kid years ago that started rumors and liked to bull-shit. Liar – Liar – your pants are on fire, your nose is as long as a telephone wire. This is exactly what the lynch mobs are acting like, a bunch of kids (sorry kids for the insult).

There is absolutely nothing in the transcript that mentions or insinuates a quid pro quo deal.

What about the transcript do the Boulder Roller not understand?? Is there some subliminal/encrypted message that the Boulder Rollers can see??

They are like the guy that continually rams his head into the wall, BUTT can not figure out why it hurts.

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