You gotta be shitting me………

Ladies and gents; I could not wait to read what all the fuss was about, SOOOOO unlike Nan Pelosi, I took the time to read the transcript of the conversation PDT had with the Ukraine president- ANYONE – ANYONE – ANYONE that can find fault with what was said in that conversation is a certified idiot.

From what I read, this is the only mention of Biden’s son in the conversation.

If this is what the socio-dumb-a-crat fools think is an impeachable offense, they have, as we already know, a serious problem. It is preposterous. PDT never even mentions withholding funds or for that matter, any mention of money in their conversation.

If nothing else, as I said many times, but never thought they were THIS IGNORANT/DESPERATE, the more they talk, the more shit they try to stir up, the more ignorant the look.


Unless – unless there is other parts of this conversation that were WITHHELD from the public, the witch-hunting fools are shoveling shit into the wind and it is all blowing back in their faces.

If I were anyone one of the Boulder Rollers, I would lock myself up in a nut house for a couple of years to hide from the shame I inflicted on myself.

Throughout all of the insane witch-hunting they initiated since Donald Trump put his hand on the bible, this is by far the most baseless/ridiculous/sign of desperation on the fools part.

When this is totally dissected, the fools behind it will have egg all over their face and a lot of crow to eat.


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