You gotta be shitting me, AGAIN …….

Pelosi admits she hasn’t read the Ukraine call transcript … › watch▶ 4:15
20 hours ago – Uploaded by Fox NewsPelosi admits she hasn’t read the Ukraine call transcript …. “I haven’t read anything to support what I’m …

Is this incredible or what. Does this prove beyond any doubt that these people are psychotic???

How can it be possible that this dig-bat can be so adamant in her impeachment quest of PDT, BUTTTTTTTTT never took the time to read what she wants to impeach him for???


If it was not in black and white, it would be too preposterous to believe. No one can be that negligent. Nan has based all of her opinions on hearsay. That is what certified dig-bats do.

To think she is the Speaker of the House. I still say Nan had to have caught some of the constituents with their pants down in a hay loft. How the hell has she maintained her position in DC is beyond me.

It is quite possible, because she is 3rd in line for The Big Chair, she has been so diligently trying to dethrone Trump, then she will start a crusade on Pence.



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