Human-beings, we are our own worst enemy …

The warning signs have been staring us in the face for decades/centuries, BUTT the greed and stupidity of mankind has turned our noses to the dangers.

Monaco — A United Nations-backed report on climate change released Wednesday is raising even more alarm about the world’s warming climate. More than 100 scientists spent the last three years looking at the impact of climate change on the Earth’s oceans and the ice locked around the North and South Poles and in mountain areas. 


Ice in Greenland and Antarctica, and in mountain glaciers around the world is continuing to melt at accelerating rates. The resulting sea level rise around the world already threatens coastal populations. In the worst case predictions, as many as a billion people could be affected.

What is the solution/answer?? To these conditions, the harm has already been inflicted and CAN NOT be reversed. What CAN be done, is to change our BAU and hopefully we can prevent further devastation. I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

I will agree that going back a decades, the ignorance of climate change was not obvious. BUTT in recent years, due to technology, where that information is right under the noses of the big wigs, most of them are ignoring the conditions because of gr$$d. It would take billions of dollar$ to right the wrong and no one wants to come up with the $oldi. Well my friends, it is called; PAY ME NOW OR PAY ME MUCH MORE LATER. Much later is already here.

What used to be the mantra/obligation of generations, was to make future conditions better for those that followed us. GUESS WHAT; we have failed miserably in many case, not only climate control.


I have said it many times and I will keep repeating it; we are our own worst enemies; in more ways than one.

Any fool that disagrees mankind has NOT had a hand in the climate chages around the world, they are a fool. Are we totally responsible?? Maybe not totally, BUTT have had a big hand in it.

“We are looking at the time that those events that happen once in a 100 years, happen once a year, and you can relate to something like that,” he told Phillips. “Imagine you have a story that your grandfather told you, about the town flooding, but it was back 80 years ago. Well, imagine that happening every year.”

Don’t believe me?? Ask the people in the Caribbean what they think!!!

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