Another examples of a DANGER TO THE BENCH ….

Brock Turner sex-assault victim Chanel Miller says she was ‘shocked’ by short sentence

I watched this segment on 60 Minutes last night. All I can say is we live in a very sad society where women/ladies/girls that get raped do not get justice for their pain and suffering.

I think that the ambulance chasers that defend the rapist are despicable scum that like to call themselves human-beings. The judges that hear the case are just as bad for allowing the victims to be dissected by these bastards, trying to make them the perpetrator instead of the victim.

The woman who was sexually assaulted by former Stanford University swimmer Brock Turner said she was “shocked” when she learned he had been sentenced to only six months in jail during a TV interview that aired Sunday.

Chanel Miller, who earlier this month revealed her identity after being known for years as “Emily Doe,” said she was appalled by Judge Aaron Persky’s light sentence handed down in March 2016.

“I was in shock,” Miller told CBS’ “60 Minutes.”

“There are young men, particularly young men of color, serving longer sentences for non-violent crimes, for having a teenie-weenie bit of marijuana in their pockets,” she said. “And he’s just been convicted of three felonies. And he’s gonna serve one month for each felony. How can you explain that to me?”

Turner faced a maximum sentence of 14 years in prison after being convicted of three felony counts of sexual assault for the January 2015 rape. The former athlete’s sentence was later reduced due to good behavior and was subsequently released after serving 90 days.

There can only be a couple of reasons why these scumbag judges give such light sentences. The hate women or are stupid – they are getting their palms greezed or are stupid or are complete imbeciles and are stupid, or all of the above. There is absolutely no excuse for their illogical conclusions.

The public was so outraged by this idiots decision, it was the 1st time in California history a judge was thrown off the bench. I think he should have done some jail time as well.

We want solutions; I have them, BUTT they will not use them.

I know it may be impossible, BUTT so is life. I have suggested any times that there should be national guide lines set so every crime, no matter what state it is committed in has the same punishment. Rape in Alaska 30 year – Rape in Florida 30 years, and so on. No exceptions. These guidelines would take away all the possibilities of the crooked/stupid/unsympathetic judges in the country. BUTT who am I????

mentally – malignant – magistrates

The kids father asked that his brat serve NO JAIL TIME. Are you shitting me. What if the victim was his daughter???

I don’t blame the parents for the kids sins, BUTT I do chastise them for their positions. Most probably, the kids behavior is a result of his upbringing.

There is a lady I will always remember and admire.

This is what the country needs more of!!

Ok, I will be a little conciliatory and say the kid was drunk out of his mind when he committed the rape, BUTT a 90 day sentence?? At the very least, a couple of years. People have to be responsible for their actions, drunk or not.

Let us not forget, rape used to carry a death sentence here in the Good Old US of A.

How do these rape victims get justice?? It seems with some TRIPLE M – mentally – malignant – magistrates, they don’t.

The lady that was raped was supposedly so drunk she was passed out. Did that give the kid the green light to rape her?? Hell no, BUTT she should have used better judgement to put herself in a vulnerable position like that.

This is nothing new, it happens daily in this country.

In colleges alone:

Campus Sexual Violence: Statistics | RAINN › statistics › campus-sexual-violence

College-age women, ages 18-24, are at an elevated risk of sexual violence. … 11.2% of all students experience rape or sexual assault through physical force, … Sexual Violence May Occur at a Higher Rate at Certain Times of the Year.

Those numbers are frightening. Is this what parents have to look forward to when they send their daughters to college?? Sad to say, this is the society we live in. Surrounded by stupid kids and mentally – malignant + magistrates.

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