An insult to their countrymen …..

What an insult to the English people.

I guess that Harry and his bride have been pissing off a lot of people in the UK, especially The Main Lady, Queen Liz. It seems they have pulled some shots that did sit well with The Boss.

“This year, their trip comes after not only the private jet drama but what was perceived as a family snub when the Sussexes decided not to visit the Queen at Balmoral, even as Meghan flew to New York for the U.S. Open a week later,” said Nicholl. “The couple has hired an American PR firm to help with damage control, and sources say they hope the upcoming trip will help turn the tide.”

Along with what they public considers their misuse of private jets, Madam Meghan turned her nose up to visiting Liz and went to the US Open instead.

What caught my eye was the fact that the love birds are going outside the nest to seek damage control help, by hiring an America PR firm to make things better with The Main Lady.

I would think that this would be a big insult to all of the PR firms in England. You know like what TMC did when he gave without any bids a Canadian company (one of the King Pins of the company went to college with TMC’s squeeze) to build the website for the Un-affordable-health-obama-care-farce. What a slap in the face. Can we imagine Donny pulling something like that.

To start and end with; ANY mentally stable/healthy person that thinks they have a problem, they do NOT need to hire a PR firm or a shrink to address it for them. They know their shortcomings/hang-ups are, all they need to do is make the proper corrections themselves.



I personally think Meghan is a lot more than Harry bargained for. The princess is slick as they come and knows exactly what she is doing. She has got Harry’s nose wide open.

For all the readers that need clarification:

nose wide open – Urban Dictionary › define › term=nose wide ope

Mar 18, 2009 – Top definition. nose wide openunknown. The term is used to say a person, most usually a male, is crazy in love or lust over a girl, will focus total …

To have your nose wide open for someone else is an analogy to indicate that they (the other person) have you right where they want you.

One thing many people are missing. Possibly The Prince likes to be dominated and lead around by his nose.

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