They have the blood-hounds on his case ….

US military spent more than $184G at Trump’s Turnberry resort since 2017, lawmakers say



The U.S. military has spent more than $184,000 at President Trump’sluxury resort in Scotland over the past two years, according to documents the Pentagonprovided to the House Oversight Committee.

The committee, which announced the figure Wednesday, is investigating whether overnight stays by Air Force crews at the Trump Turnberry resort during refueling stops at nearby Glasgow Prestwick Airport violate the emoluments clause, which prohibits government payments to the president outside of his salary. Trump said on Twitter Monday that he had no knowledge of the crews’ stays at the resort.

Congressional Democrats are also probing refueling expenditures at the airport, which amounted to $16.6 million between Trump’s inauguration and June 21 of this year.

Two things. I find it hard to believe that PDT did not know military people were staying at his place in Scotland. ANDDDDDDDDDD

Second; should this transaction/stay of the troops be consider a direct payment to Trump?? I don’t think so. As far as I know, Trump is supposedly excused himself from all FAMILY BUSINESS while he is sitting in THE BIG CHAIR.

If the far-lefters really wants to be a nit-picking pricks, they may considered it an infraction of the rules/conflict of interest if someone bought a pack of Juicy Fruit gum in the concession stand in Trump Tower, GMAFB (I don’t even know if there is a concession stand in the place)

These left-wing-mothers are spending billions trying to bring the man down and have yet to do a John Gotti on him. He is the Teflon Donald. So far anyway



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