Antonio gotta eat a little liver …..

Nike drops Antonio Brown after sexual assault allegations



As the NFL investigates Patriots receiver Antonio Brown over sexual assault allegations, Nike has severed ties with the star player. CBS Boston confirmed Thursday that Brown is no longer associated with the footwear giant, as first reported by The Boston Globe.

That is the only language people like Antonio understand; taking some of the $oldi away from them.

Antonio gotta eat a little liver and some humble pie to appreciate all the filet he has been eating for years.

After awhile, fools like Antonio start believing all of the hype surrounding them, As to how great they are. They think they are invincible and above the law. The boy may have to sell one of the many mansion he has to get over the hump.

Holy shit; Antonio is making PDT drool. To be that fortunate to have a loaf of bread under each arm and not know it.

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