A True Lady with some backbone ….

Fmr DNC Chair Donna Brazile: ‘I get in trouble’ when I refuse to say that Trump is a racist



On Fox Nation’s“Reality Check with David Webb,” former DNC chairwoman and Fox News contributor Donna Brazile said that she gets in “trouble” with people on the Left when she refuses to call President Trump a racist.

The major problem with many of the far-left sheep, they are afraid to disagree with their counterparts for fear of being ostracized. It takes a person with a great degree of strength and confidence to go against the masses and speak their own mind.

QUOTE: “I want President Trump to be the President of all Americans and not just his base, and not just Republicans, he’s my President,” continued Brazile, adding that she does take issues with some of the things that the President has said.  Specifically, Brazile disliked the President’s tweet to members of the so-called Squad to “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime-infested places where they came from.”

Give criticism when applicable and praise when deserved.

Two thumbs up to Donna for being her own person and a stand-up lady.

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