Should PDT go see The Kid or not …..

North Korea’s Kim invites Trump to Pyongyang in letter: report

At this point and time, I would want THE KID to demonstrate more sincerity in the way he handles his affairs.

I said it many time and will say it again. THE KID will never give up his pursuit for developing nuclear weapons. In his opinion and the way he views things; that would show the rest of the world he is a weak person by losing face. FACE is a very big item in the oriental culture.

“Deeply rooted in the Oriental concept of face are conceptualizations of a competent person in Oriental  society: one who defines and puts self in relation to others and who cultivates morality so that his or her conduct will not lose others’ face.

The term Oriental is used to refer to people from East and Southeast Asia (such as those from China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Mongolia and Laos).

Donny; stay home until THE KID comes around and starts living up to his commitments. He has broken every one of them he ever made. He is just toying with you.

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