Someone thinks Brown dropped the ball ……

Antonio Brown loses endorsement deal with helmet manufacturer Xenith amid sexual assault investigation: report

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We really don’t know if Brown crossed the line and sexually abuse someone, BUTT if I were a betting man …..

Take a look at R Kelly and all of the raps he beat, not because he was innocent, BUTT because he was a celeb and had a very high priced ambulance chaser representing him. It cost this degenerate a fortune to come out on top. ANDDDDD what did he do after the non-guilty verdicts, went out and rape more kids and women.

R. Kelly: The history of allegations against him

It is sinful that some of these bad boys beat the system only because of who they are and how much $oldi they have in the bank. The fools that support them are as bad as the crime they committed.


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Hopefully Brown gets what is coming to him, one way or another.

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