Why waste taxpayers hard earned greenbacks …..

Oregon ‘monster’ sentenced to 270 years for sexual abuse, torture of three young sisters

After nearly a decade of delays, an Oregon man described as a “monster” and called the “worst of the worst” was sentenced Monday to 270 years in prison for the rape, sexual abuse, and torture of three young sisters he often offered to babysit.

Andrew Kowalczyk, 44, was also sentenced to a life term of supervised release after years of litigation and attempts to obstruct justice, including soliciting the murder of an assistant U.S. attorney.

I hope the degenerate lives all 270 years and suffers every second of the time. BUTT on the other hand, one bullet only cost about 2.50$. It cost about 50 Grand to house a prisoner for 1 year. The government could buy 20,000 bullets (clean house) for that amount and take out the garbage immediately.

Two accomplishments simultaneously – rid the world of this piece of dog shit (sorry pooch) and save a bundle at the same time.

When we thought we heard it all, up jumps the devil.

Hopefully, this scumbag will get some old style prison justice and not live to see the weekend!!

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