Beware of Hungarians bearing Kielbasa ….

Soros calls Trump’s China stance his ‘greatest’ foreign policy achievement, warns on Huawei

Guy like Soros do not pass accolades without an ulterior motive.


George Soros, the left-wing billionaire, offered partial praise for President Trump in an op-ed published Monday night over his tough stance on China but went on to urge Congress not to allow the president to use Huawei—the second-largest smartphone maker in the world—as a bargaining chip in his fight for reelection.

There has to be some underlying purpose for the far-left-socialist Trump hater to acknowledge anything positive that PDT accomplishes.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO, today we have Soros calls Trump’s China stance his ‘greatest’ foreign policy achievement – andddddddddddddd the CIA takes unusual step, blasts CNN report on alleged CIA spy’s extraction from Moscow. Is the worm turning???

Lets face it folks; a mission like THE LEFT has been on, foolishly pursuing, trying to lynch PDT can only last so long before their game is exposed and recognized as a flop. Is PDT guilty of some of the accusations leveled against him?? Absolutely; BUTT how many banks did Jesse James really rob and how many was he blamed for.

Give credit where it is due. Like our Canadian cousin say – it is a boot time.

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