Trump admin to allow trophy hunter to import rare black rhino parts to US


What can be the logic in the Trump administration (PDT) allowing hunters to kill the endangered black rhino for body parts?? It does not make sense.

The Trump administration says it will issue a permit to a Michigan trophy hunter to import the skin, skull and horns from a rare black rhinoceros he shot in Africa.

Documents show Chris D. Peyerk of Shelby Township, Michigan, applied last year for the permit required by the Fish and Wildlife Service to import animals protected under the Endangered Species Act. Peyerk paid $400,000 to an anti-poaching program to receive permission to hunt the male rhino bull inside a Namibian national park in May 2018.

400,000.00$ for a permit to hunt?? This guy must be flushed to the gill$. I don’t care if some fool paid would pay 10 million dollar$ for a permit, these beautiful animals numbers have dwindled because of poaching and now because some heavy hitters has a affinity for hunting big game, he is allowed to buy a permit. That is not bad enough, our government has given him the green light .

This is the big attraction to rhino horns. Some Chinese medicine insisted that there are some very high potent medicinal benefits in the horns of the rhino. According the the experts, the horns are composed largely of the protein keratin, also the chief component in hair and fingernails.

If that is the case, the fools that hunt these beautiful animals for their horns can sit in the corner, chew on their finger and toe nails and get the same results.

It is a very sad fact of life; the $$$$$$$$$$$$ always rule. Right Antonio Brown!!

Money always talks and rhino shit always walks.

Get this; the 400,000$ paid by Peyrek went to a trust fund set up by the Namibian government for wildlife management, conservation, rural development and other activities aimed at promoting the coexistence of humans and wildlife. I would assume that somewhere in the fine print, it states, the protection of endangered species.


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