Where have you been Huck …..

Mike Huckabee: Our values are collapsing – How can we be shocked by the decline of civility, spread of hate?


Huckabee has it wrong when he says out values are collapsing – I say they have collapsed.

For a country that is/was supposed to be the BEACON OF HOPE, an example for the rest of the world, it sure has fallen short in its own self-preservation. This is not anything new, it has been on the decline for many years. Only difference now is, its spiral maybe unstoppable and well beyond the point of return.

The influential people in politics – religion – racial leaders – people in authority have done very little to put the brakes on the decline of the American standards. For the most part, it is ALL ABOUT THEMSELVES and their bottom line.

How can any be expected to admire institutions, colleges, scout troops, religious organizations and the kind that deliberately shelter and harbor abuser in their midst all for the sake of the dollar$?? It is unconscionable that they put the dollar$ before the safety and security of their responsibilities. These are all institutions/organizations that were one time very well respected and places people looked up to for protection and guidance. Not anymore folks.

The best comparison I could find was going back from the 1960 to 2017:

Example :1960 assaults 154,000 – 2017, 810,000

Take a look at what we are up against and what the kids today are surrounded with. Drugs – mass shooting – gang violence – terrorism – piss poor role models – promiscuity that is off the charts – exposure to porno – exposure to violent media – extremely dangerous internet sites available to them and so called entertainment – religions and other institutions that have fallen apart – disgraceful civic leaders and celebs that should be setting good examples – wealthy parents that buy their brats way through life. What kind of message are they getting?? The very depressing list is endless. Where is the light at the end of the tunnel?? It is only a freight train coming at them at 200 miles an hour. How can anyone expect them to grow up properly?? It is no wonder that so many kids resort to suicide and drug abuse.

It has taken the America society 50 – 60 years (from the old days) to regress to the level we are now in. If any initiative is ever taken (I doubt it) it will take 80 – 100 years to reverse it, IF DONE PROPERLY. I do not see it happening.

There are so many factors that contribute to these conditions, the first one being an erosion of a stable home environment. How can anyone be expected to turn out on THE PLUS SIDE if they don’t know who their daddy is – if their ma ma is a hooker on dope – if many of their family members are in prison, or on government social programs all their lives, never worked a day in their life, and continually are exposed to negative behavior?? We all are products of our environment.

It only goes downhill from there. Then they grow up, get out into the world and associate with people that come from similar backgrounds. It is a recipe for disaster. Then we add the lunacy of PC-ness and the extreme far-left mentality that has no structure. That only adds icing on the cake.

From what I see, these patterns are not going to change, only get worse. As I have alluded to many times before, the ONLY answer to ALL adverse situations is EDUCATION, a direction that government is not taking. Their only solutions through the years has been, setting up a panel to investigate the conditions. That is about as far as they go.

Most people always look for the FAST/EASY SOLUTION to their problems. There are no fast/easy solutions to conditions that took years to develop. It took 30 years for some person to get obese and in poor condition, but they expect to take pill that will take them back 30 years overnight . That is not reality. It will take years/decades for the USA and the world to get back to where it once was.

SOOOOOOOOOO Mr. Huchabee; these phenomenons did not just pop their ugly heads out of a fox hole overnight, they have been festering and simmering for many years . It will take 5 times that amount of time to reverse, if a turn-around is even possible. I don’t see it happening.

Pete – repeat. Mankind is their own worst enemy.

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