With his VIEW, PDT created his own storm ….

Sunny Hostin suggests Trump could be charged with felony for claim about Hurricane Dorian’s path



I think PDT wants to be hand-on in too many areas and sometimes (maybe more than sometime) gives out the incorrect information. So what is the solution, do what you do best and leave the rest to the professionals.

“The View” hosts had fun Thursday jabbing at the president for showing an apparently doctored chart of Hurricane Dorian’s path, and warned that he could face legal consequences for giving a false forecast.

President Trump initially tweeted that the hurricane would hit Alabama, apparently prompting the National Weather Service to clarify that Dorian wasn’t headed in that direction. Amid criticism, Trump doubled down — displaying a chart in the Oval Office that appeared to be altered with a black marker.

Pete – repeat; the man is his own worse enemy. He opens himself up to criticism by getting involved in areas he does not have to.

As far as Sunny Hosting wanting to press charges against The Man, fa-get-about-it and GMAFB. She has her hands full making fools out of herself and the rest of her own squad on The View.

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