The guy is a prima donna

There is no denying that Brown is a great player, but he’s too used to people kissing his ass and does not want to get inline with the rest of the NFL.

Brown has filed a grievance against the NFL in an attempt to wear the helmet he’s worn throughout his career. He claims he will not be able to perform as well with the new style helmets. The new style helmets were designed to help eliminate many of the injuries players suffer. I guess Brown does not see it that way.

This is why it is called a team. You are either on the team or off the team; people on the team are team players, Brown is not.

The off-field issues that led to his exit from the Pittsburgh Steelers this off season have followed Brown to the West Coast. First, there were damaged feet, then helmet-gate, and now an altercation with the general manager. Despite the overall optics, Rosenhaus remained positive.

I would say; if the NFL is too much of a coward to force Brown to abide by the new helmets law, have him sign an ironclad document relieving them of all responsibility in the event he gets hurt. ORRRRRRRR shit can him completely.

It is very curious to me; the NFL will take such a staunch positive about a guy that will not comply with safety rules; butt they turn the heads on the fools that disrespect the flag of the country that made them all billionaire$. GO FIGURE.

Brown better decide what side his bread is buttered on. He has done very well playing football and does not want that bubble to break.


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