Let me ask the lady something …..

Jemele Hill’s call for black athletes to leave ‘white’ colleges draws charges of ‘pro-segregation’ and racism


Let me ask the lady something; how long did it take for society to get to the point it is in now in with race relations (although some may say we are at the worst point ever)??

For centuries it has been one of the objectives in the black community to integrate the black and white together. Now this lady wants to separate races again. Isn’t that called segregation???

If we are going to take that route; why not separate the USA into sections and totally divide the races, each being autonomous??

In the article, which appears in The Atlantic’s October issue, Hill argues that black athletes help attract money and attention to “predominately white universities that showcase them,” while Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) continue to struggle.

She writes that mostly white schools’ multibillion-dollar revenues have been built on the “exertions of (uncompensated) black athletes,” claiming that an elite black athlete attending an HBCU raises awareness of the institution, whose endowments combined are less than a tenth of Harvard’s.

This girl needs to get a life. If the black athletes were sent to the poor black colleges, who in the hell would buy the jocks the big car$ and all the bling they wear.

From now on we should call Ms. Hill – THANKSGIVING DINNER. It takes days, sometime weeks to prepare the dinner and 10 minutes to demolish it.

THANKSGIVING DINNER should take a survey and ask all of the athletes what route they would want to take.

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