Brilliant ….

Woman falls off balcony while practicing ‘extreme’ yoga, posing for pictures

When THE MAN was passing out brains. she thought he said trains and she missed out completely.


Even a complete idiot would know trying a stunt like this could be externally dangerous and even deadly. She got away lucky, half way anyhow.

From 8 floors up; this foolish young lady Alexa Terrazas was practicing extreme yoga from the balcony of her apartment by hanging up-side-down from a railing. Do I need to say more?? 8 floors up!!! If she was on the 1st floor, I may have thought she was only half crazy, but 8 floors up!!!

After the picture was taken, the woman fell from the apartment balcony and broke both of her legs, as well as suffered fractures to her arms, hips and head,

Alexa broke 110 bones and underwent 11 hours of surgery following the fall. She will face years of recovery. 8 floors up??? WOW

FYI, from what I can see in the picture; it looks like she is a blond.

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