Another legacy of THE RAHM’s governing …..

Chicago’s bloody Labor Day weekend sees at least 35 shot, 7 of them killed

The thugs in Chicago sure know how to celebrate a holiday.

What a miserable way for the good people of Chicago to live in fear. One would think in 8 years as mayor of The Windy City Rahm would have go it right.

Rahm Emanuel Will Be Remembered as Chicago’s ‘Murder Mayor … › article › rahm-emanuel-will-be-remembered-…

Sep 5, 2018 – Rahm Emanuel Will Be Remembered as Chicago’s ‘Murder Mayor’ … “Look at the murder rate in this city,” Lewis said at a press conference in .

Bay-rock, you sure taught me well

PC-ness is the only route to sure disaster

I will not put the entire blame on THE RAHM for the conditions in Chicago. For decades, it has been known for being a crime ridden and corrupt city. But he deserves a good degree of the blame. PC-ness has been proven it is not the path to successful governing.

There is a fine line with being overly aggressive in the performance of doing police work and being brutal. It is the responsibility of each mayor to find that formula and implement it. Criminals do not understand diplomacy and kid glove treatment. The only thing that sends them a clear cut message is, being more violent than they are and staying 10 steps ahead of them.

Can we even imagine what this country will look like 10 or 20 years from now if the thugs are permitted to roam free and exact their brutality. Many fools have tunnel vision and can not see the forest on account of the trees. They only look at the present and not the future.

I think what has been allowed to happen, where the cops had to eat shit and smile, when they were being abuse by thugs throwing water and other items at them in New York is a disgraced. This lack of retaliation were direct orders from that piss poor guy named Wilhelm that calls himself the mayor. What kind of message are the punk ass thugs getting?? This type of behavior that is allowed, goes unpunished by some cities fathers only opened the door to more severe crimes.

By Chicago and other cities allowing the thugs to gain the strength and control they have is lunacy. It did not happen over night, it took decades. Do we see the end result of PC-Politicking?? If you cannot, you are blind, and may I say very ignorant.

Criminals do not understand diplomacy and kid glove treatment. The only thing they sends them a clear cut message is, being more violent than they are.

In the end, for politicians, it is all about them and what kind of legacy they want to leave behind. I can tell you one thing, not very many of them have anything to write home about.

Anybody that knows anything, a boss at any level can not be a popular person and still do the job right. It is just like a permissive parent. What the hell do they have after 15 years of spoiling a BRAT?? Nothing but a gigantic headache that is out of control.


Being a good politician is very close in kind to being a good parent. The outcome on the future of a kids life depends how well they do their jobs.

The following outline provides eight essential responsibilities that (can be used in the same context as a politician’s responsibility) parents must adhere to in order to foster their child’s physical and/or emotional well-being: 

1. Provide an environment that is SAFE.
       A. Keep your child free from physical, sexual, and emotional abuse.
       B. Keep unsafe objects locked up or out of reach of your child.
       C. Get to know your child’s caregivers (get references or background checks).
       D. Correct any potential dangers around the house.
       E. Take Safety Precautions: Use smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, lock doors at night, 
           always wear seatbelts, etc.

2. Provide your child with BASIC NEEDS.
       A. Water
       B. Plenty of nutritious foods
       C. Shelter
       D. A warm bed with sheets, blankets, and a pillow
       E. Medical care as needed/Medicine when ill
       F. Clothing that is appropriate for the weather conditions
       G. Space (a place where he or she can go to be alone)

3. Provide your child with SELF-ESTEEM NEEDS.
       A. Accept your child’s uniqueness and respect his or her individuality.
       B. Encourage (don’t push) your child to participate in a club, activity, or sport.
       C. Notice and acknowledge your child’s achievements and pro-social behavior.
       D. Encourage proper hygiene (to look good is to feel good, or so they say!).
       E. Set expectations for your child that are realistic and age-appropriate.
       F. Use your child’s misbehavior as a time to teach, not to criticize or ridicule.

4. Teach your child MORALS and VALUES.
       A. Honesty
       B. Respect
       C. Responsibility
       D. Compassion
       E. Patience
       F. Forgiveness
       G. Generosity

5. Develop MUTUAL RESPECT with your child.
       A. Use respectful language
       B. Respect his or her feelings
       C. Respect his or her opinions
       D. Respect his or her privacy
       E. Respect his or her individuality

6. Provide DISCIPLINE which is effective and appropriate.
       A. Structured
       B. Consistent
       C. Predictable
       D. Fair

7. Involve yourself in your child’s EDUCATION.
       A. Communicate regularly with your child’s teacher(s)
       B. Make sure that your child is completing his or her homework each night.
       C. Assist your child with his or her homework, but don’t DO the homework.
       D. Talk to your child each day about school (what is being studied, any interesting events,…etc.).
       E. Recognize and acknowledge your child’s academic achievements.

       A. Spend quality time together.
       B. Be approachable to your child.
       C. Ask questions.
       D. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.

When any of these elements are disregarded, it absolutely makes a difference.


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