They have it too good too long ……

WATCH: What millennials are saying about the new American value system: ‘It’s really difficult to be a proud American’

The Wall Street Journal and NBC News recently conducted a survey rating the values among young people throughout the country. When comparing the answers of young people 21 years ago to young people today, they found that back then patriotism, religion, hard work and family were among the top values — today, the only remaining constant is hard work.

The hard work is something I will argue. Many of these pampered people would not pick up a pick and shovel for any amount of money. They have it too good too long …..

Take away the values of The Old Days and all we have left are a bunch of spoiled brats that have no respect for the USA and what ONCE made it great. They just love the freedoms, but would not go to war to defend it if their grandma’s life depended on it.

All I can say; The Millennial’s are paving their own path to destruction. I can buy it if some people are not religious, that is a very delicate subject. But when people do not respect and support the country in which they live and enjoy its freedoms, that is a recipe for catastrophe somewhere down the line.

The Millennial’s have had it too good for too long and have no idea in what the future holds for them with their distorted ideologies.


Millennial’s is only a term for modern-day hippies of the 60’s.



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