GMAFB Iran ……

Tehran will ‘take a strong step’ away from nuclear deal if Europe doesn’t offer new terms, Iran says

The balls of these people are enormous. They were violating the Arms Agreement even before the ink was dry on the document they signed when TMC was in office.

Now after all they years of use and abuse, they are still selling Wolf Tickets that they will withdraw from the Nuclear Deal if they don’t get their ass kissed with special treatment/concessions.

I have news for them, just in the event they are sleeping on their missiles. GMAFB; they were never part of agreement because they were in violation from day one.

This is one whore deal TMC can’t ever worm his way out of. To this day I have never heard him give a reason he was instrumental in releasing 151 billion chagaudia to them. Reason why he does not explain, there is no valid/logical explanation.

Keep your eye on the hog and your finger on the trigger.

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