Just another slip of the lip???

Is this just another slip of the lip made by PDT, saying that Fox does not work for him anymore.

Trump says Fox News ‘not working’ for him anymore … – MarketWatch
https://www.marketwatch.com › Economy & Politics › Trump Today

2 days ago – Trump says Fox News ‘not working’ for him anymore, blasts Puerto Rican … The president is unhappy that Fox News is giving some airtime to …

I’m not making excuses for the man, I am just stating a fact, in my opinion.

As precise and articulate as Donald Trump should be, I think he is lacking and both of those departments. He either speaks before he thinks , or doesn’t know how to articulate himself at times.

Is he really that arrogant to think that Fox works for him; or is he just using that as an expression??

Whatever the case may be, if I were him, I would not piss off one of the few major supporters he has. He does not want to start a war with Fox too. PDT doesn’t need anymore enemies than he has already.

Cavuto is really getting down and dirty

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