The worm is turning in PDT’s favor ….

MEDIA BUZZ: Pundits proclaim Trump fatigue, but is America really tiring of POTUS?

That’s the collective reaction of a growing number of pundits, left and right, to what they are calling Trump Fatigue.

These prognosticators are making the case that much of America is growing tired of the president’s constant barrage of controversial comments, tweets, insults and declarations, and may decide in 2020 to opt for a calmer environment.

I say it is just the opposite. PDT is only doing what he does best and that is to GET-DOWN AND DIRTY on the people that are going after him unfairly. This is what he does.

I also say, the further we are getting into his presidency, his popularity is increasing, facts being that FAKE NEWS like we see below is being exposed. All THE MAN has AXED for from the beginning was to be treated fairly. When he isn’t, he goes for the juggler vein, and why not??

MSNBC anchor — under threat of legal action — apologizes for unverified Trump-Russia report

MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell kicked off his show Wednesday night by apologizing for running an unverified report that directly tied President Trump‘s finances to Russia, which he retracted.

Making that apology had to kill MSNBC, to admit they were wrong. If they allow their people to report fake news once, I would assume they have done it 1,000’s of times before.

There have been a few good presidents that came before PDT. I am having a hard time coming up with their name, BUTT there has been a few. BUTT there has never been a president that is so up-front – bold – outspoken – brutally honest, BUTT not always correct – nasty at times – goes overboard with his criticism – many times talks (tweets) before he thinks. There is no one can say, they do not know where he is coming from.

I much rather deal with a person of PDT’s caliber and personality, than some back-stabbing, cut throat politician.

The problem with many people, they love to be bull-shitted. The bigger the lie, the more heroic the person appears to the fool.

This apology from MSNBC has served a couple of purposes. 1st it demonstrates that the left-media is very biased against Trump, they have constantly said disparaging things to try and lynch the guy. 2nd it fortifies and increases PDT’s position and popularity. The more their bull-shit stories are exposed, the better PDT looks.

Simple question. Why is it that some fools will not compliment or acknowledge when a person does something good; BUTT will be the first on the band wagon to chop them down when issues go the other way??

All THE MAN is asking is to be treated fairly. That is not too much for anyone to ask.

PDT knows when he has gone over the line and is not always happy with himself in retrospect. BUTT I would say, he has improved dramatically ever since he placed his hand on the bible.

He may be right that he will be the best president this country has ever had. If not that; the most direct and outspoken.

Who would you want in the foxhole with you??


The Politician and the Absent American Flag Pin – The New York Times › 2007/10/05 › politics › 05obama
Oct 5, 2007 – Senator Barack Obama said that he stopped wearing an American flag pin on his lapel years ago, saying the … As he campaigned through eastern Iowa, Mr. Obama paused for a … He added: “I decided I won’t wear that pin on my chest. … “Somebody noticed I wasn’t wearinga flag lapel pin and I told folks, …


The only thing that is worse than a part-time friend, is a part time-patriot. Either you are all in or all out. TMC definitely showed his stripes.

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