They say he’s back …

Headlines: They say he is back, I say he never left.

They make THE SQUAD look like girl scouts.

TMC and his henchmen have been working quietly behind the scenes ever since he left the oval office.

Anyone that does not believe that there has been an deliberate orchestrated plan that started many years ago to turn the USA into a socialist state, spearheaded by these characters and others, I want to sell you some of that PRIME swampland I have.


As everybody knows that follows my blogs, even if I don’t like someone or what they represent, and they have a particular talent, I will acknowledge them.

TMC should get the award for one of the best con man to come down the pike. He is very convincing, especially to people that are down and out. He is so smooth he could bullshit the pants off of Mother Teresa. I really mean it, that is a talent this man has. All depending on what side of the fence a person is on, and how gullible a person is, if he is someone that floats their boat or not.

I don’t think anyone has had the balls to AXE him if he is behind a movement to turn the USA into a socialist country. I guess, the question answers itself by all he maneuvering in that direction he has done through the years.

Like so many other con-men; they preach one thing and do the direct opposite.

A post I did earlier today. Nice pad for someone that detests the wealthy.

SOOOOOOOOOO; has TMC just arrived back on the political scene or has he been in the background stirring the pot?? That should be a forgone conclusion.

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