Political-Socio-Ponzi-Scheme TOP DOG ….

Carol Roth: Barack and Michelle Obama’s $15 million house of hypocrisy


It is astounding that so many good, trusting people have been caught in TMC’s web of deceit – have been brought under his spell – been conned my this man with the soft spoken voice and ever so calm demeanor. In essence, TMC is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He is the leader of the Political Socio Ponzi Scheme – the Shepard in the parade of foolish PC-ers following him to the cliff. The problem is, they are all jumping off the cliff while TMC stands there laughing, watching them jump. TMC is the TOP DOG in the Political Ponzi scheme.

The GUY that has always put down the wealthy is now buying a crib for 15 million dollar$. This goes to show us just how smart TMC thinks he is. I would say he could not have chosen a worst time to make the move. If TMC was smart, and was looking out for his political party he should have waited until after the 2020 election. This purchase absolutely contradicts everything TMC SUPPOSEDLY stands for.

BUTT as TMC has demonstrate ever since he clandestinely came on to the scene in 2008, he does what he wants, when he wants and how he wants. TMC is a typical example of the guy that says, do what I say, not what I do!!

TMC could care less about HIS PEOPLE. He has used and abused the fact that he is half black and half white so many times, I lost count. His presidency has shown how he let down his community. If TMC was a white man and pulled the same stunts/deals as he did, they would have run him out of town tarred and feathered.

Trump is doing what Obama couldn’t

An irony of Trump’s presidency is that he’s become a catalyst for progressive change


Isn’t it interesting when CNN (PDT’s arch enemy) gives PDT a pat on the back and puts TMC down for his lack of performance.


Now we have the EX-FIRST COUPLE making a mockery of their philosophies by living larger than large. I wonder if and when the common folks will ever catch on to their game.

Former President Obama and the former first lady have reportedly made a bid of approximately $15 million on a home in Martha’s Vineyard. The 7,000 square-foot house comes with 29 acres and would likely be a summer home. The family is known to have spent quite a bit of time on the island over past summers.

Gotta wonder how a guy with holes in his shoes goes in the front door stone broke and exits the backdoor a multi-millionaire?? TMC was definitely not the first or the last.

Not bad for a guy that is so down against the wealthy. I put TMC in the same category as the hustler preachers who lives large on their parishioners hard earned money, all the while knowingly using and abusing them.

To all the good people out there that have been sucked in by TMC’s con, wake up and smell the napalm.

The guy does not care about the average or poor person, he is all out for himself. If it took the purchase of this gigantic shack he is buying to convince you of his hypocritical intentions; now he has!!

Goomba Gazette Dictionary:

Political Ponzi Scheme; only the TOP DOGS that created/spearheaded the scheme ever benefit by it.

By the way; did you know TMC’s is buying a new crib

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