Kindness and generosity are mistaken for stupidity …..

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill: California homeless crisis has exploded because THIS is missing

One of our better presidents Ronald Reagan was right when he said: “We must reject the idea that every time a law’s broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.”

Give an man a fish, he eats for a day – give a man a fishing rod, he eats for life.

Even if you gave some of them a fishing rod, they would refuse to take it.

Bradenton business owner offers homeless man job paying $15 an … › news › business-owner-offers-homeless-man-job-p…

Jul 16, 2019 – Bradenton business owner offers homeless man job paying $15 an hour, when man refuses, tables are turned. … He wanted to help the guy, so he rolled down his window, telling him, “I’ll pay you $15 an hour to do yard work.

Refusing work is not uncommon among the homeless. This is their way of life, they cherish it. They do not want to have any responsibility, clean themselves up and become part of the system. They rather beg for money, sleep under a bridge in a tent, stay drunk all day on heap vino, be a menace to society and live off of whatever Uncle Sam gives them.

In a nutshell. The government made it too easy for these people. Why work when you can milk the cow through the fence??

If and when (it is rare) politicians look for solutions, they always want a quick fix to make themselves look good. I have news for them; there s no such thing as a quick fix. If we want to correct any bad habit, we always have to revert back to the basics and fundamentals. Quick fixes are only temporary, while basics and fundamentals are permanent.

What is the solution the brainiacs came up with to the drug problem?? They supply needles to the druggies. I know what their logic is, to control diseases, BUTT it does not work. Spend a little more time and money getting these people off of drugs.

It take some obese people 20 years to get to the unhealthy levels they are. If they want to get healthy again, it will take a lot of hard work and determination, it doesn’t happen over night. There is no magic pill.

Pay attention to what all of the weight loss advertisement empathizes in their commercials (with that proper diet and exercise). Wishing away any bad habit dose not work.

Point being; if the homelessness condition is ever expected to be turned around in this country, it will take decades. There is no magic pill. BUTT politicians, as I said, always want the easy fix to make themselves look good.

Take these people out of the gutter and make them work for their pay. Look around, there is plenty of debris and garbage to be picked up – plenty building and walls that need to be painted – plenty of streets that need to be washed down. If they refuse work, their hand-outs are immediately cut off. Like the Chinese say; no tickee, no laundry!!!

Rewarding bad behavior never works. Rewarding irresponsible people never works. There is no easy solution to this and other predicaments the country has on its hands, BUTT there are solutions, IFFFF the big boys and gals want to get their hands dirty a little.

Give an man a fish, he eats for a day – give a man a fishing rod, he eats for life.

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1 Response to Kindness and generosity are mistaken for stupidity …..

  1. postjudicial says:

    Unfortunately at the corporate suite: give a man a fish, you got a customer. Teach him how to fish, you created a competitor.

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