Universal PC insanity ….

Canadian single dad faces human rights complaint for asking about babysitter’s gender

Leave it to some of the Canadians to extend their PC ignorance even further. There seems to be a competition between them and their southern neighbors as to who is more ridiculous.

A single father in Canada may have violated his province’s human rights act by asking about the gender and age of a potential babysitter, according to a lawsuit.

The father, identified only as Todd, is being investigated by the Alberta Human Rights Commission after a complaint was filed against him in 2017 by the applicant, who claims the father violated the Alberta Human Rights Act.

I guess in the land of aboot, pardon me and excuse me, it is not politically correct to AXE someone you want to entrust the safety of your kids, what gender or age they are. They even passed a law against it. GMAFB. When is too much too much. There seems to be no end to the PC insanity in this world.

Gotta be some of the wacky-weed they have legalized going to their heads.

Canada just legalized recreational pot. Here’s what you need to know …
https://www.cnn.com › health › canada-legalizes-recreational-marijuana

Oct 17, 2018 – People in Canada are cheering, enduring long lines and honking their car horns in support as the country’s first marijuana dispensaries open …

I am sure that the Canadian government, like the USA’s government should be worrying about a lot more important issues than AXING someone their age or gender. Many people would not want a 13 year old boy watching their kids. Does that make sense, AYE??? It is A-BOOT time all of the world wakes up to the fact of how PC-ness is ruining this world, AYE!!

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