Pitch in or be fenced out ….

Former Los Angeles city administrative officer: homeless problem ‘going to get worse before it gets better’

What does the city expect if they handle their situation like The City by The Bay.


The city should DEMAND that all of the street people pitch in and clean the city up, get paid for their work, or they will be detained in a fenced in enclosure until THEY GET THEIR MID RIGHT.

I know that the PC-ers and the ACLU fools will adamantly object to this form of discipline, BUTT do they have a better solution. The manner in which they deal with the problem, obviously has not worked. At least all of their headaches will be contained in one ares instead of all over the city and much easier to deal with.

Here we go again; spoiling the child syndrome. Bend the tree when it is young!!

Bend di tree while it young, cause when it ole it will bruck..” Meaning: Discipline your children when they are young, because when they are older it will be a harder lesson for them to learn as they may be set in their ways and unable to easily move to the right path.“Bend di tree while it young, cause when… – Things Jamaicans Say …
https://www.facebook.com › ThingsJamaicansSay › posts › bend-di-tree-whi…


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