Fredo isn’t too friendly ….

Ey Whoa, Chris Cuomo Threatened to Throw a Guy Down the Stairs for Calling Him ‘Fredo’

This was the angry anf foul mouthed response CC gave to a dude that called him Fredo.

  • If you wanna play, then we’ll fuckin’ play.”
  • “You’re gonna have a big fuckin’ problem.”
  • “You know my name’s not fuckin’ Fredo.”
  • “I’ll fuckin’ ruin your shit.”
  • “I’ll fuckin’ throw you down these stairs like a fuckin’ punk.

The CNN anchor was captured flipping out on a stranger in a video posted to Twitter on Monday evening. After Cuomo initially confronts his heckler, he claims that the name “Fredo,” is “like the n-word” for Italians, which, no it is not.

If the guy would have called CC Guido, that may have been a little closer to home.

Guys like Fredo let their supposed stardom go to the head. They bad rap anyone and everyone for going overboard, even in the nasty language department. Many of them forget, every-time they say something, there are surrounded by witnesses and the mic is on.

CC sure gave that fella an ear full. I don’t think, in the future he should ever bust anyone balls for using foul language. If he didn’t live in a glass house, it would not matter as much, BUTT the fact of the matter, he does.

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