The end result of spoiled pamper children ….

Geraldo Rivera, Dan Bongino react to US cities in crisis: ‘Liberalism is a cancer’

It has been proven time after time, BUTT the BUTT-head-enablers will not admit they have created monsters by ignoring bad habits and in some cases aiding and abetting their behavior.

The ultra-liberals do not tell their kids, don’t use drugs, what they do is to buy the needles so they do not reuse the old one. The ultra-liberals do not tell their daughters not to have sex at an early age, they supply them with birth control pills at 12 years old or even younger. The ultra-liberals do not let their brats suffer the consequences of their bad behavior, they continually buy the out of jail. Ultra-liberals do not make demands on their kids for excellence, they buy their ways into high-end colleges.


Ethan Couch, ‘Affluenza Teen’ Who Killed 4 While Driving Drunk, Is …

Apr 2, 2018 – Ethan Couch, whose trial for killing four people while driving drunk sparked widespread conversations about the privilege of being raised ..

Many of the kids that were raised under these conditions, later in their lives can not deal with the realities of this world, resort to drugs to get them by, or windup as pathetic street people.

The fools that run the cities like Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland and the federal government do not try to educate their wayward citizens on how to get back on track, they aid and abet them so they can continue their downward slide.

One day the light goes on and the ulrta-liberals (PC pathetics, same thing) do not know how to deal with it or fix the problem.

This is not the slums of Brazil folks, this is Good Old LA of the USA. Is it disgrafeful or what??

Let me impart some of my knowledge to all the folks out there. Kids must be raised with a certain amount of discipline and direction in their lives. If not, there are good chances they windup in places like the above. They need to be taught right from wrong as soon as their head pop out. They must have good role models to point them in the right direction. They must be held accountable for their mistakes.

On the other side of the fence, the authorities can not aid and abet poor behavior. There should be certain standards set for all citizens to live by in order to keep any type of order. If these people are left to their own devices, we can see what the aftermath brings about.

As Dan Bongino said; liberalism and permissiveness is like a cancer. As we know, most type of cancer detected in its infancy can be dealt with and corrected. Cancers that are left untreated, we know what the end result will be. The same comparison can be made for the human-race.

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