You got a spare 50 G’s ……

Hillary Clinton hosting DNC fundraiser with tickets priced as high as $50G: 

The event, set for October 16, seems to mark the first major form of activism in support of the Democratic Party’s electoral efforts. Politico reported on Tuesday that the event — titled “Dinner and conversation at the home of Hillary Rodham Clinton” — will offer tickets as high as $50,000. I love the word OFFER. I would have used the word hijack.

I bet the event will be a sell out and a lot of the rich demo-crits will be left out in the rain. After-all; in those social circles, people pay big to be in with the in-crowd and be noticed. I even heard that some of these same folks paid 50 G’s to get their brat kid on a rowing team in college and the brat is afraid of water. No shit!!!

Gotta be kidding me. CHC is hosting a dinner in which some of the tickets cost 50 thousand a plate. The best steak @ Fleming’s is only 50.09$; what the hell is on their menu.

Through the grape vine; I hear the special that night is featuring The Dishonesty/Lets Burn Trumps Ass Steak is going for for 35,000$. Medium rare is 37,000.00$, while well-done is 39,000.00$. Beats me???

There has to be a lot of very wealthy fools in this country that would cough-up that kind of $oldi for a fundraiser. I wonder if the valet and tipping the waitress is include??

Me, I would not pay 1.50$ to see CHC and Wild Bill walk naked down 5th Avenue. BUTT that is only me.

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2 Responses to You got a spare 50 G’s ……

  1. JCscuba says:

    Only obtuse losers still follow Hillary and would part with such mone.
    Two things come to mind, she made them offers they couldn’t refuse, the movie the Godfather
    Or they pay so they can avoid becoming a mysterious casualty and filling another Clinton Body Bag.

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