Humankind should be ashamed if itself …

China, with ‘formidable array of precision missiles,’ could easily defeat US in Asian theater, study says

I did a multitude of post on this very subject. I think humankind should be ashamed of itself

Since the beginning of time, human-beings have been trying to knock the other ones off to gain power and superiority.

Going back all the way to the caveman, first came sticks – stones – firearms – bombs – bigger bombs – nuclear weapons, into bigger and more powerful nuclear weapons. All developed to beat the shit out of or destroy one another.

A new study by a think tank warns the U.S. has lost its military supremacy in the Indo-Pacific region, with China being able to launch and win a military conflict even before American forces are able to respond.

The University of Sydney’s United States Study Center released a study on Friday detailing the profound changes it claims is happening in the region, paving way for China to exert more influence.

The majority of the American people do not understand, countries like China, Russia, Iran. North Korea, do not view human life as precious as we do. Some of them would be willing to sacrifice a few million people and not blink an eye. Just another day in the office.

The only thing mankind may hope for, someday one of the madmen that has access to the BIG RED BUTTON, does not go nuts and put their fist through it. As we can see by what we read, Russia and China are really trying to take top position in the world by developing bigger, faster and more powerful bombs. My dog is bigger than your dog!! Regardless of what they claim, they are both enemies of the USA and would crush us in a minute if they thought they could.

It is no wonder that so many kids are fucked up living in fear, in so many different facets of their lives and resort to drugs to deal with their pain. PETE – REPEAT: Mankind is it’s own worst enemy and is trying to self-destruct.

Does anyone really know for sure that, if one day it will not be all over if one of the nut-cases decides to drop the BIG ONE. Absolutely not. It is a distinct possibility. Why build them bigger and more powerful if they do not intend to use them. Is it all about SELLING WOLF TICKETS?? I don’t think so.

For all the youngsters out there:

What is Wolf ticket? Etymology. From wolf ticket/woof ticket, from woofing (“idly boasting”), from woofing (“(emptily/harmlessly) barking like a dog”).

As we can see, this country has a lot more to worry about than if Donald Trump pinched some young lady’s ass when he was 33 and hitting the bar scene.

China, with ‘formidable array of precision missiles,’ could easily defeat US in Asian theater, study says

I say, they would not hesitant to use it.

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