It was all contrived for nonferrous purposes ….

Miftah group that planned Tlaib-Omar Israel trip once referred to suicide bombing as sacrifice ‘for the cause

This entire joke of a situation was planned and put together just to create conflict and stir the shit pot.

The trip was funded by a hate group called Miftah.

That group, named Miftah, has a long record of anti-Israel rhetoric that includes downplaying attacks on Israelis and even describing suicide bombers as “sacrificing their lives for the cause.” It’s a record poised to see new scrutiny as senior Democrats reportedly weigh retaliatory measures for the snub of the two freshman Democrats and the Trump and Netanyahu administrations hit back.

So goes the freedoms in this country that are being used and abused by anti-Americans that live under the umbrella of our protection.

I say, let them leave the country, then put the paddle lock on their passports for reentry.

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