Bring in the Lions …..

Tlaib hits back at Bill Maher for comments on BDS, compares Israel to apartheid South Africa

They forgot, they are supposed to be on the same team.

Let the games begin; the gladiators/gladiatorress are suited up and ready for the kill.

I say thumbs down to all of them.



Maher and Tlaib are great examples of how wack-jobs/fanatical lefters turn on each-other when the waters get a little rough. Neither one of them could give two shits about the American people. All they want is their 30 minutes of fame by insulting and degrading others for their own advancement/gratification.

Maher has demonstrated that many times, especially when he calls for a recession to make Trump look bad. The guy is a real piece of work. A recession would not impact him in the least. He is like some of the politicians who wanted their pay checks to continue if the government shut down. They could care less about the little guys and gals.

The other wack-job, she is just a lot of hot air, insulting the Jews and then expecting them to welcome her with open arms into their country.

These two pieces of work knew that the Israel government was going to put the nix on their visit. They just made all that noise to get attention.

They are a prime example of how the freedoms in this country are used and abused by anti-Americans who are enjoying all of the luxuries in this country, BUTT at the same time, spitting in the governments face.

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