Occasio is definitely a contributor of what causes racism ……

AOC: Trump’s coalition includes ‘racists’ and those who ‘could be susceptible’ to racism



U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., weighed in on President Trump’s supporters Thursday, saying a “core part” of the president’s base is composed of “racists” and “people who could be susceptible to racist views.”

Whether this dig-bat knows it or not, fools like her are one of the biggest contributing factors to the cause of racism.

When a kid is constantly called ugly by their parents, the kid, no matter how good looking the are, grow up thinking they are ugly. Constant bombarding and badgering is what we call brainwashing. It is the same thing that the North Korean has done to all of their people, brainwashing them as to how horrible the rest of the world is. What do the people grow up believing, exactly what their fanatical leaders have been drumming in heir heads.

If the division between the races are ever expect to be brought under control, the black leaders and their influential supporters must lead their people in a positive direction. What is Occasio and the rest of the fools doing? Only lighting a fire under the already pissed off black people with their lies.

For Occasio to make the comments as she does, “core part” of the president’s base is composed of “racists” and “people who could be susceptible to racist views“, not only is she full of shit, butt completely irresponsible and is deliberately lying to antagonize the black community.

Who is the true enemy of the black community?? Some of their well know leaders and fools like Occasio that try to further their cause on the back of someone else misery. They are the real problem. Instead of them pushing EDUCATION (the only avenue to success) they are pushing hatred.

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