I have a clue for those sleeping beyond the wheel ….

After El Paso, Latinos across America voice a new kind of fear

Across the country, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters contemplate the idea of becoming a target, and worry about the future.

Dianna M. Náñez, Kinfay Moroti, Sarah Warnock, Thomas Hawthorne, Monsy Alvarado, Mitsu Yasukawa, Victoria Camarillo, Courtney M Sacco, Michael Chow, Nick Oza, Danielle Parhizkaran and Omar Ornelas, USA TODAY Network


I have a clue for those sleeping beyond the wheel; everyone in this country should be shitting bricks. If anyone thinks this insanity is going to stop anytime soon or anytime at all, they better think again.

These psychotic bastards are only beginning with their reign of terror. Their numbers are over the top and really can not be controlled unless they commit a crime. The authorities must have the latitude to arrest or detain anyone they suspect are a threat to society.

Why does it take so long for congress to make a move in the right direction?? Because they are a group of spoiled, pampered brats that are not held accountable.

It has to be years since the 1st mass murder took place in this country. How much has been done to circumvent the problem?? Not anything that I can see. Read the news.

This applies to so many different facets in the USA. WE ARE OUR OWN WORST ENEMY.

There are solutions to many of our problems, BUTT the politicians are only worried about when their next recess is and how much is in their 401 K retirement fund.

HEAVEN HELP US!!! The government sure isn’t.

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