The Chinese do not operate like the USA

Lets put some of those degenerate thugs in Philly go over to China and have them pull some of their antics against the cops as they have there. Maybe they will appreciate what they have here after spending a couple years in a Chinese prison. .

Hong Kong protests: China calls demonstrators ‘terrorists’, amid fears … › News › World › Asia

Chinese officials condemned protesters in Hong Kong as no different to “terrorists” on Wednesday, a further hardening of the state’s rhetoric amid fears that the country is readying the ground for a military intervention. … Donald Trump accused the Chinese government of building up …

If the demonstrations in Hong Hong continue they way they have, I do expect some blood shed. The Chinese government is not as PC or forgiving as the USA when it comes to putting out civil fires.

I have no idea how long it will take for China to become a democracy, possibly 50 years, BUTT it definitely will come about.

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