Smoke and mirrors …..

Imprisoned polygamist leader Warren Jeffs had mental breakdown, lawyer says

One of the lowest creatures on the planet. His ambulance chasers claim this degenerate is mentally incompetent. Whats new, we knew that he had a mental breakdown 50 years ago when he started raping and marrying 13 year-old-girls. years ago.

There should be no laws on the books that permits a person can claim insanity. They have to be nuts to commit the crime. To what degree, is another question.

What does society do to mad dogs?? They are put to sleep. In kind, if a person wants to claim insanity, they should follow in the dogs foot steps.

Jeffs is serving a life sentence in Texas for sexually assaulting girls he considered brides. He tried to hang himself in jail in 2007 in Utah, had to be force-fed in 2009 at an Arizona jail and was put in a medically induced coma in 2011 after fasting in the Texas prison.

An molester/rapist is despicable, BUTT one that prays on children and in the name of god, hell has a special place in hell for them.

Is Jeffs nuts?? Probably yes, BUTT he knew then and he knows now exactly what he did and has no remorse for his actions. That alone makes him responsible.

Was Charles Manson nuts when he committed his crime?? Certainly, BUTT he was compelled to stand trial for his crimes.

This ploy that Jeffs ambulance chaser came up with is only a smoke screen.

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