Violent felon who killed California Highway Patrol officer ‘wasn’t a monster,’ his widow insists

They say love is blind!!

The gunman who killed a California Highway Patrol officer Monday — with one bullet piercing the windshield of a nearby vehicle in which the gunman’s wife was traveling — had a lengthy criminal record, including serving a decade in prison for attempted murder.

His wife, however, maintains her husband “wasn’t a monster,” and was a loving father who helped raise eight children before he was killed by police.

The cop killer, identified Tuesday as Aaron Luther, 49, of Beaumont, was driving a white GMC pickup truck Monday when he was stopped by a motorcycle officer on an overpass to Interstate 215 in Riverside. Officer Andre Moye, Jr., 34, was filling out paperwork to impound the vehicle when Luther, who was not restrained, pulled out a rifle and began shooting.

For all of the Boulder Rollers/cop haters out there, how would you like to deal with scumbags like this?? Probably would break out your PC guide-book to see what a suitable approach to his apprehension would be. By that time, he would have shot you 30 times.

Without the Men and Women in Blue, you think we have problems now??

As far as Luther’s wife goes, Jeffery Dahmer was a nice guy too, until you were invited for dinner and found out you were the main course.

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