The degenerate/scumbag took the cowards way out.

Jeffrey Epstein found dead in Manhattan jail cell; multiple reports claim death by suicide

There is only one bad-side to this fitting ending. The sons-a-bitch took a lot of secrets to the grave with him. With the proper amount of pressure applied to him, he would have dropped a quarter on a lot more scuzbags.

His death also comes a day after thousands of documents were unsealed Friday in connection with a defamation cause against his alleged recruiter that revealed dozens of high-profile names including former Maine Sen. George Mitchell, ex-New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and Prince Andrew, Duke of York.

Life to a very young people is like looking at all the beautiful colors through a escalope. The older we get, the more distorted and ugly the images become. People we once admired because of their stations in life, how were considered god-like, until their true identity and character are revealed, turned to to be lower than whale shit.

I often wonder why some of these bastards/criminals/degenerates are born. The world would have been better off without them. The only contribution they have given the world is misery.

Epstein allegedly created and maintained a “vast network” and operation from 2002 “up to and including” at least 2005 that enabled him to “sexually exploit and abuse dozens of underage girls” in addition to paying victims to recruit other girls. Prosecutors said that victims would be escorted to a room with a massage table where they would perform massages on Epstein.

At the time of Epstein’s arrest, prosecutors said they found a trove of pictures of nude and seminude young women and girls at his $77 million Manhattan mansion. They also say additional victims have come forward since the arrest. Nice guy HUH?????

You can bet on one thing for sure; all of the prominent tourists that made the trip to THE PRIVATE SEX ISLAND did not go just to play corn-hole or maybe they did.

Epstein got off to easy. He should have had to suffer a slow and excruciating, horrible death for all of the misery and suffering he put so may people through.

Good ridden to bad garbage. Based on the current information, we may see a lot of other scumbags suck on a 4″ gas line and join their buddy in hell.

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