Or did the multi-billionaire have a little help from his friends…..


There is a lot of speculation circulating as to whether Epstein had a Kevorkian (assisted suicide) done on him; someone to tighten the knot or kick tHe stool out from under his feet.


Lets face it; if the degenerate would have lived and went to trial, there a lot of high rollers – very high roller he could have taken to the slams with him. It would have been and could have been the best route to take for all concerned if Jeffery was not around to tell the tale.

A few weeks back Jeffery took a good beating and was put on suicide watch, BUTT recently taken off. Is this a gigantic co-incident or what?? There had to be a very big bounty on the perverts head, and it is likely that someone collected it la$t night.

Isn’t it amazing how UNTOUCHABLE a person is when they are on top of the heap and how vulnerable they are when their candle gets blown out!! This just goes to show us, a person is only as good as the last payoff they made, the last palm they greased.

If I were a betting man, I may take the bet that someone OFFED Jeffery and collect big time. There was too much at stake and too many heavy hitters that could have been brought down if Jeffery continued to breath fresh air.

How ever did the hit, if that is how it went down, they should get some sort of award. Maybe Trash Man of the year for removing Epstein, that piece of trash from the face of the earth.

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