Only a couple solutions possible …..

El Paso Walmart shooting kills 20, injures 26 as investigators explore ‘nexus to hate crime’

As I have said many times before; there are only a couple solutions to this KILLING SPREE epidemic/crisis we have in this country. It is NOT the good guys turning their guns in.

As bad as it is now; can we even imagine the carnage if the banditos were the only ones armed. It would be an all out slaughter of the good guys. Believe it or not; the good guys being armed is one of the reasons the situations are not worse than they are.

The most important solution to getting control of this murderous monster is vigilance. These crackpots were not hatched over-night. It took some time for them to develop into the killers they are. There had to be visible signs within their friends and family that they exhibited.

It has to be the responsibility of those close to these nutcases to turn them in when they see some out of the ordinary. So many times after the fact, I have heard that the cops were watching these people and they fell off the radar or someone close to them saw the signs , BUTT did not report them.

Number two: When these people are reported, the laws have to change so it gives the authorities the right to detain them for observation. Without both of these factors/actions working in unison, FA-GET-A-BOUT-IT, the mass murders are going to continue and get worse and worse.

One fact we can not forget. With each slaughter, the perpetrator wants to out-do the last crazy bastard. The want to top them and have more victims, so they go into the history books with the most kills. Demented is not a strong enough word to describe them.

When I say mankind is out to destroy themselves, this is just one facet of the equation.

I am sure the PC-ers and the ACLU will disagree with my solution. so I would love to hear theirs.

Folks, it is NOT going to get any better. If you see one of your own, a neighbor or a stranger acting out of the ordinary, report them immediately to the cops. This may not stop all of the incidents, BUTT I can assure you, it will have a dramatic/positive affect on this disastrous situation that is plaguing this country.

EXAMPLE: It is like when we are driving and we see someone in front of us weaving back and forth; we call 911. SAME – O – SOME – O. There are solutions, BUTT we have to make them happen.

Don’t sit on your hands and hope it resolves itself, it will not.

SIT ON YOUR HANDS | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary

sit on your hands. ​ to do nothing about a problem or a situation that needs dealing with: Every day the crisis worsens and yet the government seems content to sit on its hands.

Good example

I just saw the one:

Dayton, Ohio, gunfire results in 10 deaths, including gunman; at least 16 wounded: police

Sad situation for America, in the LAND OF THE FREE – Sometime, too much freedom comes back to bite us in the ass.

It is like the fools that object to too many surveillance cameras out there. I could care less, if they will help prevent crimes.

Gotta come to a point in this country where our safety comes before what the PC crackpots and the ACLU wants/demands. The reason most of them make their preposterous demands, they are not on the front lines.

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