Al Sharpton is in big trouble after The New York Times said just one thing about him – Pants on Fire News

The only thing reverend about this bum is his title. 

The New York times must be reading my mail. This is exactly what I said about Al Sharpless the other day.

He is a white hating conniver that has been bull-shiting his people for decades, keeping them fired up at the white people so they continue to fill his coffers.

Sharpless is not only a disgrace to his people, but to humanity as well.

He is the worst of the worst, a parasitic bloodsucker, draining all he can out of very desperate, gullible people that are looking to him for guidance, all because he is a silver tongue serpent. 

I am elated to see he is finally exposed by a highly respected news paper, that would not publish this without every credible material to back it up. 

Brown University professor Glenn C. Loury, a civil rights figure who was the first tenured black economics professor in the history of Harvard, laid into Sharpton.

He goes after Democrats who are fawning over Sharpton, stating that while he doesn’t like Trump, the President was correct in calling him a “con man.”

Not only that, but Loury took things a step further, adding that Sharpton is “an ambulance-chasing, anti-Semitic, anti-white race hustler,” while listing a series of examples backing his claim.

I truly admire a person like Professor Loury that goes right for the juggler vein and tells it like it is.

Hopefully, this ambulance chasing, con-man, bullshitting, parasite will finally be exposed for what and how he is.

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