That is all they got and it is ……

Newt Gingrich: Racism is the left’s only answer to Trump (and that won’t help Democrats in 2020)


That is all they got and it is all

The fools pictured above are too gullible to know that Albert is using them. Wake up honkies, it is no secret that Albert hates white folks. When you are not useful to his cause any more, he will discard you like a used condom.

The Prince of Pamade, Al Sharpless has been playing the race card for years. That is his ace-in-the-hole that keeps him from having to go out and get a real job. IF he and his kind quit trying to fire up his people with all of his hate rhetoric, his foolish followers would quit dropping those dead presidents in his collection basket. Then he would have to go out and seek legitimate employment; something he may have never done in his lifetime.

If eating Cheerios was the hot hate topic instead of racism, I will give you one guess what soap box Al would be standing on. To parasites, it doesn’t matter what the topic is, what matters is, what can they use to fire up their people the most.

Many of these hustlers are very intelligent, or should I say crafty people that know how to make a buck. They been hustling all their lives.

This is part of the hypocrisy of their movement:


Is PDT a racist?? Hell no. If his adversaries were as racially balanced as he is, it would be a much better world.

Who is the more evil?? A person that tells it like it is, trying to create harmony or the fools that constantly antagonize with their lies to stir the pot of hatred?? The question is so easy, even Albert can answer that.

That about says it all folks.

Remember, Cheerios may be the next hate topic. Stand by!!


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