Once the wheel starts turning …..

Saudi Arabia institutes new rights for women

Major change is arriving in Saudi Arabia as the kingdom grants new rights to women. New laws that go into effect Friday allow women to apply for a passport and travel without permission from a male relative


These NEW privileges for women in Saudi Arabia are a long time coming. The LADIES should have been allowed long ago to drive a car, travel freely without a chaperone and have other antiquated restrictions lifted. Folks, this is 2019.

Things that ladies in other countries have taken for granted for many years are a novelty for the Saudi ladies.

It probably won’t be too long before there are no restrictions at all. WHY SHOULD THERE BE???

While the majority of the world sees women as equals, some of the Muslim nations still look at them as subservient. Come on guys, GOOD ladies are the backbone of the family unit, BUTT some stubborn/egomaniac men do not want to admit it. It is a male chauvinist thing. Real men are not ashamed to admit it.

I think it a blessing that women are allowed to drive. That in-it-self have saved me many trips to the store that I would have had to make otherwise.

Prince Mohammed bin Salman has a lot of opposition to what he is doing. All good leaders do not try to make friends, they do the right thing and have the card or the camels fall where they may. Remember where you heard that.


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