Safety is the issue not filling quotas

USA TODAY: Police struggle to hire women, New Jersey fails them 

I say that is a good things for those that can not cut it.

Just like the rest of the fools out there; these pathetic PC-ers are more concerned with filling quotas than the safety of the public.

I would love to see them in a situation were their life is on the line and there was a female cop that was incapable of handling the situation because of limited strength or dexterity.

I am 110% for female equality, BUTT not for filling quotas and putting people lives at risk. 

I think women are very well suited for driving trucks, running heavy equipment, and many other jobs that are normally filled by the male workforce. Butt to impose them on the police force just two fill a quota is ridiculous.

When I am in a life-threatening situation, I want to have someone it is capable of protecting me and my family. .

This does not apply to all women. There are many ladies that are read, willing and able  to fulfilling a policeman’s job, butt to put them there because the PC-ers are worried about some politically correct crackpots, it is preposterous.

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