Unchain the beast …

Doug Schoen: Second Democratic debate — Two big winners, two big losers and one big, unanswered question

Jokin Joe was not jokin when he said he would shed his politeness.


There used to be an old game we played when we were kids. It was called, “can you top that”. One person would tell a bullshit story and the next person would try to top it with a better bullshit story.

Last night the candidates argued over the issues of health care, immigration, race relations and climate change; all playing the old game, “can you top that”. All the while Rolling Boulder at their opponent trying to discredit them or make them look bad. (not very hard to do)

Jokin Joe (his close friends call him JJ) came out firing about what he called his success managing the $87 billion plan that would be spent in a total of 18 months that revived this state and many others … and it kept us out of a depression,” Biden said, referring to his work as vice president to help the auto industry and the country as a whole climb out of the Great Recession shortly after he took office with former President Barack Obama.

As the old saying goes, even a dog finds a bone once and awhile.

It is always amazing to me how people that are supposed to be striving to reach the same goal, will chop each-other up and try to make their adversary look bad to make themselves look good.

The best of the beasts (most of them) are the ones that deliberately bullshit the public just to get their support, knowing good and well they can not come up shooting when the time comes. You know, like a guy that tells his girlfriend he wants to marry her just to cop some skivvies. As soon as the foolish, gullible lady drops her drawers, the kid pulls a Houdini act and disappears. Now that is a cold person!!

All I know for sure is; PDT’s haters (The Ship of Fools – the Hit Squad and their followers ) have been making gigantic fools out of themselves with all of their crazy/out of line insinuation. The more they run their mouth, the better he looks. I only how he can keep Tweety Bird under control.

Row faster you fools – the ship is sinking

Unless PDT does something nuts (we never know) to personally hurt himself, he will stay seated in 2020, the hatred and anonymity will continue for another 4 years. Heaven help us.

I can not get over the hypocrisy of the socio-democrats/far-left letting JJ off the hook for sexual harassment when they are lynching everyone on the other side of the fence.


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