They have blinders on when the pass the ghetto ….

Hannity: Trump ‘told the truth,’ Dems not concerned with Baltimore’s problems

Folks; let me give you a little clue about the majority of the politicians. Do you think they give two shits or even one shit about anyone BUTT themselves?? If so, think again.

They have blinders on IF AND WHEN the pass the ghetto. Or better yet, they steer clear of those areas and pretend they do not exist.

Let me give a little example. I have been around for a little while and I remember when doctors came to the house with their little black bag when their patients were sick. They did the whole tarantella. Unlike today, there were no specialists, no referrals; I called them the real deal and extremely dedicated people. As well all know, that is not the same landscape we see today. I don’t even think doctors have little black bags. It is all about the $oldi. The old timers people were true believers.

Let us use that same comparison to politicians. Years back there were dedicate people that ran for politics because they were believers and cared for the betterment of mankind. These were people that came up the hard way, so they could empathetic with Average Joe and Jill.

Not today. I always try to be fair, so I will say 85% of these prima-donnas are only out for themselves. How they can enrich their personal coffers is the only thing they are concerned with. Do you really believe that they care about places like Baltimore – Chicago – Detroit?? GMAFB. If you do believe that, get you head out of you ass and look at the reality of things.

He may have some ulterior/long range motives; BUTT believe it or not, PDT is one of the few exceptions to the rule. This guy did not need the headaches of being president. He took on the monumental job because he is a patriot and cares about the country.

If he had the cooperation of the Boulder Rollers, just think what he could do. They have put hand cuffs on THE MAN and AXE him to swim across Lake Michigan.

The socio-democrats are so ignorant they can not see or will not see their movement is this killing this country. They are on top of the political Ponzi Scheme and would be the only winners if they are successful with their deceptive politics.

Time to wake up and smell the napalm.

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