Socio-demo-Ponzi Scheme …..

Swing-state households would lose at least $70G within first year of Green New Deal, study finds

Study tabulates the mind-blowing, impossible-to-comprehend price tag of AOC’s Dem-backed scheme

Remember; I coined this gigantic/enormous scam, a Socio-demo-Ponzi Scheme. These fools spear heading the movement and these preposterous proposals, knowing damn-well they can ever fly, let alone get off the ground.

Tell which is worse, a person that makes a promise and for some reason it did not work out or Charlatan that knows before they make the promise it will never fly. I take door # 2.

It is really something about human nature. People love to be bull-shitted. They are weak mind and gullible as the day is long. Their gullibility is how the Snake Oil salesmen made their living years back.


A guy named George Porter actually tried to sell the Brooklyn Bridge and many times found the suckers to buy it. People like Parker and the socio-democrats were gifted with a silver tongue and could sell cow shit to a gullible farmer.

George C. Parker – Wikipedia

George C. Parker (March 16, 1860 – 1936) was an American con man best known for his surprisingly successful attempts to “sell” the Brooklyn Bridge. He made his living conducting illegal sales of property he did not own, often …

The socio-democrats are cut from the same cloth and are as deceptive and despicable as Parker was. They are deliberately selling unattainable goods to the American people, knowing good and well they can not come up with the merchandise.

Folks, get out the old calculator; no matter how they manipulate the numbers, 2 + 2 still = 4 and always will. It is still bologna no matter how you slice it. The socio-democrats are nothing but a bunch of bull-shitting thieves.

Don’t be taken in by false promises. Does TMC (AKA OBAMA) ring a bell???

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